Global Vets 2015 Ready To Roll!

The Global Vets Team has completed another successful fundraising year through memorable events such as the Dinner Gala, Silent Auction and Discover Vet School. We are forever grateful to our mentors, our friends and family, the OVC community, and especially to all our wonderful sponsors! Your ongoing support is truly appreciated as it enables us to realize our goal of veterinary aid abroad.

The 2015 Global Vets Team
Back row, from left: Diana, Krista, Jenna, Dr. Madan, Vivek, Sarah H.
Middle: Katelyn, Emma, Andrée, Jessica, Kitty, Rose, Allison, Claire, Julie, Crystal, Britt
Front: Michelle, Stephanie, Noreen, Haley, Daniella, Sarah L.

Throughout the year, our team was able to build a core foundation made up of leadership and effective collaboration skills that will be useful during our time at OVC and as future clinicians. However, our journey is nowhere near complete as our seven teams are preparing to depart to our respective countries. We have worked really hard to get here and cannot wait to uncover the roles that second year veterinary students have to play in the world of international veterinary medicine.

Our two Central and South America teams will be visiting Hopkins Belize Humane Society, Animal A.W.A.R.E in Sumpango Guatemala, Protección Animal Ecuador (PAE) in Ambato and La Senda Verde in Bolivia. Our four Southeast Asia teams will be heading to Koh Samui Dog & Cat Rescue, Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand in Bangkok, and the Lao Zoo. Team Africa will be visiting Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA) in Tanzania and Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic and The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre in South Africa.

This summer we want to think on our feet, learn to problem solve and efficiently use the resources that we have. Global Vets provides us with the opportunity to work on our clinical skills while developing the necessary confidence required to effectively work within the practical world of veterinary medicine. We look forward to treating animals and solving cases that we wouldn’t see in North America and we hope to learn proper protocols from our mentors with regards to daily cases. Our team aspires to communicate with individuals of different beliefs, cultures and languages, and to work synergistically in order to achieve goals that benefit all members. We hope to be more aware of welfare issues, and to learn to promote proper animal care that is realistic and personalized. Our team is comprised of open-minded individuals who appreciate that every experience, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, offers valuable learning.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with everyone this summer on our blog, Instagram, Twitter  and Facebook.

Emma and Stephanie
Co-presidents, Global Vets 2015


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