Global Vets 2015 – That’s a wrap!

Our 22 members and 7 global vets 2015 teams have officially returned from their volunteer trips of a lifetime!  We hope everyone enjoyed following our experiences this past summer on our blogInstagram, Twitter  and Facebook.

The 2015 Global Vets Team
Back row, from left: Britt, Andrée, Kitty, Jessica, Krista, Vivek.
Middle row, from left: Jenna, Allison, Claire, Sarah H, Michelle, Rose, Julie, Diana.
Front row, from left: Stephanie, Emma, Katelyn, Sarah L, Haley, Crystal, Daniella, Noreen.

We are forever grateful for the mentorship and fundraising support we have received through friends, families, the OVC community, and all our wonderful sponsors! Global Vets would not be possible without your ongoing support.  Please visit our fundraising page for events that were hosted, as well as our blog post summarizing the year.

Global Vets 2015 and alumni
Global Vets 2015 and alumni
Global Vets 2015 – Right before we left!

The Global Vets 2016 cohort has recently been selected and will be taking over as we continue to mentor them along the way.  It has been an amazing year and we loved sharing our journey with everyone!

Signing off,

– Global Vets 2015


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