Sub-Saharan Conservation & Community Outreach Team: Kaylyn Stephenson-Hull, Olivia Mazzorato, Nicola Wenn

Sub-Saharan Conservation

Our team is honoured to have the opportunity to travel to Africa this coming summer with the Global Vets Program. We have a keen interest in wildlife and habitat conservation, as well as community outreach with an emphasis on addressing domestic animal overpopulation. We are eager to immerse ourselves in different cultures abroad and contribute to One Health initiatives whilst learning from those we meet along the way. We plan to travel to various placements located in Namibia and South Africa. These placements are centered around spay-neuter programming, wildlife medicine and rehabilitation, and providing general veterinary care to pets in developing areas. We hope to lend our growing veterinary knowledge and skill-base to local organizations to promote improvements in animal welfare, public education, and species conservation. We can’t wait to embark on our exciting adventure!

Team BAMN: Brittany Hammer, Megan Wieser, Nate Bachynski

Nate, Brit and Meg 2

We are excited to embark on our journey! Our trip consists of 5 weeks in South Africa, with a range of placements that focus on animal health, community education, population control and wildlife rehabilitation. We will start off at CLAW, which is a community led animal welfare clinic based out of Johannesberg. This clinic provides small animal veterinary care to impoverished areas around the city, and offers educational sessions directed towards teaching the children how to care for their animals. The next week will be spent at Waterberg Wildlife Vets, learning how to safely translocate species such as rhinos, buffalo, antelope, and giraffes, with a focus on species conservation. Our last two weeks will be Spent at the Tenikwa Wildlife and Rehabilitation Centre in which we can take part in the efforts to rehabilitate wild animals that have been wrongfully owned or captured by human, with the hopes of releasing them back into the wild. We cannot wait to learn more about the relationship these countries have with their animal populations and take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Team ACL Africa: Lauren Hammond, Chrissy Barr and Alisha Hartwig

Alisha, Lauren & Chrissy

We are very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer with wildlife conservation organizations in both South Africa and Malawi this summer. More specifically, we will be working with veterinary teams that focus on both the proactive and reactive sides of conservation veterinary medicine by monitoring populations in the field to better understand how to protect them in the face of increasing environmental pressures, as well as treating already injured animals in a wildlife clinic setting. We will be working with a team of veterinarians in South Africa at the Hluhlwe Wildlife Reserve and with a team of veterinarians and volunteers at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi collectively for 4-6 weeks. All three of us possessed an interest in conservation veterinary medicine before even entering veterinary school, thus we are so thrilled to be able to realize this dream and gain an appreciation for the work that wildlife vets do. We are hoping to develop our clinical skills in the context of wildlife medicine, gain a better understanding for the social parameters of these conservation issues and establish lifelong connections with the colleagues that we meet. Through the connections that we make, we hope to create a network of like-minded individuals working towards the collective goal of protecting wild species across the seven continents.

Team VR South Africa: Victoria Duggan and Rachel Costin

Rachel & Vic 2

Victoria is from Halifax, Nova Scotia and moved to Ontario in 2012 to complete her Bachelor of Science at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her main interests are equine and companion animal medicine, and she enjoys horseback riding. Rachel is from Burlington, Ontario, and completed her Bachelor of Science degree at McMaster University. She is primarily interested in companion animal medicine, and has a Golden Retriever named Georgia that lives in their house of 4 vet students. Victoria and Rachel are both excited to learn more about conservation and wildlife medicine, while making connections with new colleagues and contributing to the health and welfare of African wildlife!