Southeast Asia

Southeast Eh-sia: Stephanie Cervi, Elizabeth Silk, Clarisa Somali

Global vets team

This summer we are excited to be embarking on a journey that will take us to Thailand and Cambodia to work with organizations that dedicate their time in finding novel solutions in animal conservation and animal health. We first travel to Santisook Dog & Cat Rescue to build relationships with the team dedicated to bettering the lives of feral dogs and cats in the Chiang Mai region of Thailand and helping animals get a new “leash” on life. Our next stop brings us to Cambodia to learn about the preventative health care and the valuable teachings that Siem Reap Veterinary Care provide to local veterinarians in the region. Finally, we travel to the Elephant Valley Project to learn about the captive elephant industry and how we can make a difference in elephant conservation. We are excited to build and foster relationships with the veterinarians, animal care teams, and local people in the regions we are travelling to this summer. We hope to gain insight in the human-animal bond that occurs in these regions and help bridge the gap between Canadians and those organizations that we are volunteering with this summer. We cannot wait to E.S.C.ape to Southeast Asia this summer!

Team ELM: Lauren Figazzotto, Erica Gernon, Morgan Shaw


In June of 2018, we are excited to be travelling to Cambodia, Bali and Thailand to volunteer with veterinary care workers abroad. We plan on splitting our time between working with elephant conservation and rehabilitation efforts and small animal population control. We understand the use of elephants is a big concern in Southeast Asia, and we want to help rehabilitate elephants that were involved in the logging and tourism industries. We hope to not only help these animals directly while abroad, but also bring home information about the experience of elephants in Southeast Asia to educate others. While working with small animals, we hope to offer our veterinary skills we have gained thus far at the Ontario Veterinary College while also helping improve the efficiency of their volunteer efforts. We are excited to experience how animals are regarded in Eastern culture and learn from our peers across the world!

KW South East Asia: Kai Moore, Werdah Iqbal


Our team will be travelling to three countries in SouthEast Asia: Thailand, Cambodia and Bali. In terms of our placements, we will be spending our time at the following rescues: Santisook Dog & Cat Rescue, Kathmandu Animal Treatment (KAT) Centre in Nepal and BAWA  in Bali. We hope to focus on helping with overpopulation in these countries as most of our placements are centered around spay/neuter programs. A long with spay/neuter programs, we will be contributing to outreach programs in which we’ll help out with vaccination and street feeding programs. We are thrilled to be contributing to and experiencing how veterinary medicine is practiced internationally. It is such a privilege to not only be able to see how animal health care is carried out in these countries but to help improve the animal health care and welfare on an international scale.