Introducing Our 2020 Global Vets!

This years Global Vets are comprised of students from the OVC Class of 2022 – The Jade Jackals!

This summer, 29 Jade Jackals (class of 2022) from the Ontario Veterinary College are venturing to Africa, Asia, South and Central America to fulfill the Global Vets philosophy: to promote international collaboration on animal health and welfare, agricultural development, and ecosystem health. We hope to make a lasting impact on the animals and communities we visit. The program also strives to enhance relationships and exchange ideas between Canadian veterinarians and our colleagues in developing regions of the world.

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Learn more about our teams below:



  • VetGeo: Yeelok To, Jessica Garofalo, Tess McAneny, Brittany Vandenberg
  • Team Name: Harmonie Standen, Brianna Eles, Emma Puckering
  • Feline Good: Hannah Boddy, Brooke Galloway, Julia Krumma
  • Verde: Juancho Orjuela, Emily Blake


  • Team Name: Calli Freedman, Sonja Ing, Harley English Dixon, Kathryn Smith
  • Ovarian Cysters: Megan Acheson, Chesney Baldwin

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