TEAM: Dogtors At Your Cervix

Meet Kyle

Hi! My name is Kyle and this summer I will be traveling to Africa with the 3 best friends that anybody could have. Ever since I had an interest of getting into OVC, I have followed the Global Vets program and always aspired to be a part of it one day. It has always been a dream of mine to travel to Africa and work on wildlife conservation and rehabilitation, as well as community vet work and education. I am always amazed and intrigued by cultural and regional differences when I travel around the world, which is why I am super excited to be going to a place that is so unique to anywhere I have been in the past. Asides from the traveling I am also looking forward to the veterinary experiences that we will have the opportunity to take part in; ranging from wildlife on the conservations to small animal work in the community. Lastly I am confident in my group’s ability to work well together, so I am excited for the challenges and experiences that we will get to face together!

Meet Cassidy

Hello! My name is Cassidy and this summer, I will be travelling to Africa with three of my favourite people. Travelling to Africa and working with wildlife there has always been on my bucket list so I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. Community outreach is something that is very important to me and this interest has only been solidified greater during my time volunteering at TNR clinics. I cannot wait to be able to use the skills I have learned thus far in school and my personal experiences to give back to the local communities in Africa. I’m excited to learn a vast amount of veterinary skills to use in my own professional development, and also immerse myself in the African culture to bring back memories to share with friends and family. Let’s gooooo. 

Meet Saanya

Hi there! I am so excited and thankful to be travelling to Uganda and South Africa this summer! Before my vet school journey began, I always followed the Global Vets program. The fact that I am finally a participant is truly surreal! I have previously worked at the Toronto Wildlife Centre, familiarizing myself with Canadian wild species. I cannot wait to expand my horizons and learn about the wildlife in other parts of the world. I have also worked in small animal practice, and am excited to apply what i have learned in school so far. The opportunity to learn from my international colleagues and communities of different cultures is also something I’m looking forward to. Additionally, it would be such a privilege to get up close with the beautiful animals of Africa! I hope to learn a lot more about conservation, one health and rehabilitation during this summer, and hopefully will be able to incorporate it into my future as a professional. Last but not least, I can’t wait to share these memories with my amazing team 🙂 

Meet Drago

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