TEAM: The Lion Queens

Hello! We are The Lion Queens and we are travelling to South Africa this summer! We are super excited to promote international relations in veterinary medicine by collaborating and learning with our peers in the field. Our main interests are community outreach and wildlife conservation/rehabilitation. At African Wildlife Vets, we look forward to learning about relocating large game animals for conservation, and about the relationship between the animals and neighbouring communities. We will also be spending 2 weeks at VetSol, a non-profit organization that provides veterinary services to poor and rural communities where it is not available or affordable. This organization will provide us with the opportunity to collaborate with the community and learn strategies for improving the welfare of companion animals. 

Meet Sharie

Hi, my name is Sharie and I am ⅓ of the Lion Queens travelling to South Africa this summer! I have an avid interest in both conservation and community outreach, so this trip is a perfect opportunity to learn from and help out local vets involved in both wildlife conservation and community clinics. I have done a veterinary trip in the past to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and I am so excited to continue my outreach with all the information and skills I’ve gained since starting vet school. I am also thrilled to learn from my professional peers as well as the local community about new cultures, traditions, points of view, and ways of life.

Meet Shannon

Hi, my name is Shannon and I am thrilled to be travelling to South Africa this summer as part of the Global Vets program. My passion for working with wildlife began by working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Kingston. I have been fortunate enough to combine my love of working with wildlife and travel in the past by volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Australia. I am extremely excited to learn more about wildlife medicine and contribute to conservation efforts in South Africa. I hope that this experience will provide me with new skills, relationships, and ideas to help me become a better veterinarian in the future.

Meet Kristen

Hi! My name is Kristen and I am excited to be travelling to South Africa this summer. I have always been interested in wildlife conservation, so travelling to South Africa is the perfect opportunity to learn about preserving some amazing species. This will also be a great place to participate in community outreach, as there are many communities that lack access to veterinary care. Of course, I am excited to experience the culture, food, and communities of South Africa! 

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