Students are encouraged to select appropriate countries from a list of geographic locations with which OVC and Global Vets have had previous positive interactions. Alternate developing countries may be visited if sufficient contact/project information is supplied.  For advice please see previous countries and projects visited by Global Vets Alumni.


Global Vets 2017

Team Africa 1: Courtney Lun and Tracey To
Team Africa 2: Julia Robertson, Alex Oswell, and Goldia Chan
Team Africa 3: Alaina Macdonald, Sarah DePaulo, and Alyssa Brown
Team Africa and SEA 1: Laura Rooney, Garrett Schuilenberg, and Carmon Co
Team Africa and SEA 2: Laura Hartman, Britt Jones, and Alysha Ward
Team Africa and SEA 3: Jaden Dales, Kristen Dienst, and Courtney Burstein
Team Central America: Brittany Lostracco, Monika Lechowicz, Amber Covello, and Navleen Dhaliwal
Team India and SEA: Stephanie Wong, Eastman Welsford, Max Rochman-Fowler, and Thisuri Eagalle
Team SEA 1: Macy Holliday, Samantha Rudkins, Meaghan Roque
Team SEA 2: Catherine Belanger and Jane Newman
Team SEA 3: Mathew MacCormick, Stew Higginbotham, Derek Peters, and Eric Kwok
Team SEA 4: Paula Simons, Manali Desai, and Hannah Bagnall

Global Vets 2016

Team SEA (SouthEast Asia): Arianne Archee, Roxana Lelewski, Jastina Sohal & Thalia Rashid
Team South America 1: Miyuki Kumagai & Ian Ryerse
Team South America 2: Emma Dans & Alejandra Ceballos
Team Central and South America 1: TJ Ryan, Christie Limbrick & Sebastian Ruszkowski
Team Central and South America 2: Katie Hotke, Michael Astin, David Dukoff & Aaron Percival
Team Africa and Asia: Brittany Martin, Kaila Lawton, Lisa Gibson & Dominique Monaghan

Global Vets 2015
Team Africa: Vivek Basu & Noreen Sumar
Team Central America 1: Sarah Hall, Diana Shum, & Brittany Vivian
Team Central America 2: Emma Delitala, Stephanie Guiler, Haley Hickling, & Allison Schroeder
Team Southeast Asia 1: Claire Clements, Katelyn Guagliano, & Crystal Tse
Team Southeast Asia 2: Julie Must, Daniella Rizzo, & Rose Rumney
Team Southeast Asia 3: Sarah Leeson, Michelle Metrailler, & Jenna Williamson
Team Southeast Asia 4: Krista Campbell, Jessica Gu, Andrée Morin, & Kitty Yang

Global Vets 2014

Team Africa: Carmen Chu, Sharon Zhang & Jasmin Arora
Team Central America: Laura Tindal & Dan Katz
Team Thailand 1: Phil Levis, Adam Kleinberg & Michael Kwan
Team Thailand 2: Meaghan Worrall, Sarah Wright, Helen Waters & Kelly Guest
Team Thailand 3: Kara Wallik, Nicole Bonaventura, Kaitlyn Krizmanich, & Trisha Mackie

Global Vets 2013
Africa: Randy Do, Patricia Harris, & Sarah Nazir
Africa (east): Kayla Beetham, Brad De Wolf, & John Thaler
Central America (Costa Rica, Belize) and Mexico: Caroline Gregg, Sabrina Iliopoulos, & Karley Seagrist
Central America (Guatemala): Mike Brown, Sabrina Cirone, Michelle DePass, & Terri Lowe
Thailand 1: Lauren Hounsell, Stephanie Pelka, Stephanie Pierre, & Jacyln Poslun
Thailand 2: Carol Hung, Dominic Li, Adora Min, & Yana Teitelbaum
Thailand and India: Becky Call, & Devan Thompson

Global Vets 2012
Central & South America – Peru: Anna Allosery, Alison Dicks, Chanelle Taylor, & Luke Van Rooy
East Africa, Malawi: Sadie Bamford, Alison Claydon, Melissa Marshman, & Christiane Orsini
Indian Sub-continent: Megan Monaghan, Samantha Miglin, Whitney DeGroot, & Monica Marshman
Southeast Asia: Ryan Appleby, Emily Densdedt , Caitlin Grant, & Tyler Jordan

Global Vets 2011
Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania): Christine Bradbury, Nadine Seon, Megan Vercaigne, Danielle Boes, Cara Yu, Kathrine Hill, Kristen Reynolds, & Ashleigh Malarczuk
Central & South America 1 (Columbia): Melinda Crowley & Cara Toscano
Central & South America 2 (Panama, Guatemala): Julie Langerman, Joanne Cheng, Isabel Karafilov, & Samara van der Smissen
Indian Sub-continent: Corey Biesinger, Kurtis Tubby, Michelle Horton, & Natasha Asotra
Southeast Asia: Jana Parson, Ryan Flint, Brendon Laing, Sarah Wells, Jackie Sinclair, Lucy Fernandes, Ashley Virag, Erin Bristow, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Kristina Lillakas, & John Shin

Global Vets 2010
Southeast Asia: Courtney Schott

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