2015 Teams

The 2015 Global Vets Team
Back row, from left: Britt, Andrée, Kitty, Jessica, Krista, Vivek.
Middle row, from left: Jenna, Allison, Claire, Sarah H, Michelle, Rose, Julie, Diana.
Front row, from left: Stephanie, Emma, Katelyn, Sarah L, Haley, Crystal, Daniella, Noreen.


Co-Presidents: Emma Delitala & Stephanie Guiler

The 2015 Presidents: Emma Delitala & Stephanie Guiler
The 2015 Presidents: Emma Delitala & Stephanie Guiler

Secretary: Diana Shum
Treasurer: Sarah Hall
Silent Auction: Crystal Tse, Katelyn Guagliano, Noreen Sumar, Sarah Leeson, Claire Clements, Vivek Basu, & Jenna Williamson
Discover Vet School: Jessica Gu, Kitty Yang, Krista Campbell, Haley Hickling, Andrée Morin, Daniella Rizzo, Julie Must, & Rose Rumney
Corporate: Michelle Metrailler, Brittany Vivian, Allison Schroeder, & Sarah Hall
Website and Social Media: Diana Shum
T-Shirts: Claire Clements
Social Events: Katelyn Guagliano & Crystal Tse

Team Africa: Vivek Basu & Noreen Sumar
Team Central America 1: Sarah Hall, Diana Shum, & Brittany Vivian
Team Central America 2: Emma Delitala, Stephanie Guiler, Haley Hickling, & Allison Schroeder
Team Southeast Asia 1: Claire Clements, Katelyn Guagliano, & Crystal Tse
Team Southeast Asia 2: Julie Must, Daniella Rizzo, & Rose Rumney
Team Southeast Asia 3: Sarah Leeson, Michelle Metrailler, & Jenna Williamson
Team Southeast Asia 4: Krista Campbell, Jessica Gu, Andrée Morin, & Kitty Yang

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