Central America 2

Stephanie Guiler, Emma Delitala, Haley Hickling, & Allison Schroeder
Stephanie Guiler, Emma Delitala, Haley Hickling, & Allison Schroeder

We are very excited to partake in projects in Central and South America this summer and spread the Global Vets initiative. Our team aspires to give back to the communities that we will be living in during our journey. Our journey will start in Belize, where we will be volunteering at the Hopkins Humane Society, which shares our common goals of promoting animal care and education to the residents of the area. Next, we will be visiting Guatemala to spend two weeks at AWARE, a local animal shelter. This organization was created to improve the lives of street dogs through spay and neuter clinic and public education.  Our last project will be in Ecuador, where we will be working alongside Dr. Diego Barrera. We will be spending our days at the municipality shelter, and then head to his local clinic for evening appointments.

Through our Global Vets endeavors, our team wishes to gain leadership and cooperation skills that will be useful during our time abroad, at OVC, and as future clinicians. The Global Vets philosophy describes a working relationship between student volunteers and their mentors. It is a consolidation of ideas and knowledge ultimately leading to an unparalleled learning experience. Our team will uphold this philosophy by being curious, helpful and working synergistically with our colleagues in developing countries, thus bridging the gap in international veterinary medicine.

This journey will be an incredible learning experience and our team is eager to use our education to give back to the developing communities that will be hosting us in summer 2015!

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