Southeast Asia 4

Krista Campbell, Kitty Yang, Andrée Morin, & Jessica Gu
Krista Campbell, Kitty Yang, Andrée Morin, & Jessica Gu

This summer we will have the privilege of travelling to Thailand on behalf of Global Vets to foster international relations and learn about the vast differences in veterinary medicine around the world. In May we will begin our journey in Chiang Mai at the well-known Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary and rehabilitation centre for Asian elephants. Here we will learn about how these elephants are used and treated in Thailand, and how we can contribute to their health and welfare. Next we will travel to the island of Koh Samui and the Koh Samui Dog & Cat Rescue to spend two weeks working with the veterinarian and employees there. We hope to contribute to the efforts of the rescue in controlling the pet population through assisting in their spay/neuter clinic. Finally, we will end our trip outside the exciting city of Bangkok at the Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand. Our members have a keen interest in all species so we welcome the opportunity to learn about the native wildlife of Thailand, and hope to assist staff in improving the welfare of these animals. We will be working in the wildlife rehabilitation centre and desire to help these animals return to their natural habitats with the best chance of survival. This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime and we are excited to represent both OVC and the University of Guelph while we contribute to the world of veterinary medicine abroad!

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