Carmen Chu, Sharon Zhang & Jasmin Arora
Carmen Chu, Sharon Zhang & Jasmin Arora

Reason for Volunteering with GV: Carmen, Jasmin and Sharon will be travelling to Africa this summer to partake in the Global Vets experience. They plan to work with Wildlife Veterinarian, Dr. Ludwig Seifert, for two weeks at Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and hope to gain some insight into the world of a wildlife veterinarian and the work it entails. After Uganda they are travelling to Tanzania for two weeks to work with Tanzania Animal Welfare Society in Dar Es Salaam, an organization that works with a variety of small animal species as well as a donkey sanctuary. They hope to integrate their veterinary knowledge, skills and training with the local veterinary systems of the region in order to make feasible and sustainable improvements such as increasing the standard of animal health care and accessibility people receive in the area. By working with these organizations, they hope to actively learn, gain insight into others’ experiences and apply their skills to collectively solve a problem in a way that benefits the local populations.

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