Thailand 1

Phil Levis, Adam Kleinberg & Michael Kwan

Reason for volunteering with GV: This summer, we will embark on a journey and work with organizations to aid in the development of novel solutions to widespread problems related to animal health and welfare that face the country of Thailand today. We plan to learn about the care and rehabilitation of rescued elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, aid in the treatment and care of wildlife and rescued zoo animals at ACRES Lao PDR and the Laos Zoo, and implement a preventative medical approach at the Koh Samui Dog & Cat Rescue.

We hope to gain insight into the relationships that the local people have with native animals and to develop our skills as student veterinarians by solving difficult clinical cases that we will inevitably be faced with during our stay. Finally, we seek to foster long-lasting relationships with the organizations we will work with in Thailand in order to bridge the gap between veterinarian professionals in Canada and those in this foreign nation, making it a true global experience.

On the whole, we cannot wait to discover the role that Canadian student veterinarians can play in assisting the people and animals of a developing nation through use of the knowledge and skills gained over our past two years of study at the Ontario Veterinary College and in our lives. Wish us luck!


Here are some of our favourite photos from this past summer!

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