2017 Africa 1

Team Africa 1
Courtney Lun and Tracy To

We are very excited to be travelling to Africa in 2017 to immerse ourselves in a different cultural environment. Both of us have always dreamed of volunteering abroad and are ecstatic to be a part of Global Vets. We are passionate about exotics and wildlife medicine, and we hope to gain insight into other regions of the world from the people and animals we’ll meet along the way. It is our hope that we can learn and promote global citizenship while collectively applying our skills in a way that will benefit local populations. We plan to travel to Tanzania to participate in spay-and- neuter clinics to help keep domestic animal populations under control. South Africa will also be a large part of our travels, where we will work with local veterinarians in rehabilitating wildlife populations and in promoting species conservation. We hope to use our veterinary knowledge and skills in conjunction with local organizations to make sustainable improvements, such as increasing the standard of animal health care. We can’t wait to begin our amazing journey!