2017 Africa 3

Team Africa 3 
Alaina Macdonald, Sarah DePaulo, Alyssa Brown

In the face of worldwide environmental, political and social change, international collaboration protects and connects us all. Our plans for our summer in Tanzania and Uganda with Global Vets include projects in wildlife conservation, sustainable agriculture, population control and public health. Although these topics span our collective interests, further than that we believe they are all essential aspects of maintaining healthy communities and preserving cultural values. By controlling dog populations, we make communities safer by minimizing packing behaviour and combating infectious disease. When we improve food animal health, we improve welfare and productivity of the animals and give the farmer a better chance at generating income to feed a family. Preserving the health of wildlife protects values and traditions of cultures who have lived amongst them. A One Health approach to current challenges will attend to both rural and urban areas by providing education on basic animal care, which will safeguard small-scale agriculture and encourage cross-cultural communication to help facilitate the human-animal bond. From a veterinary standpoint, we believe the diversity of species (from livestock to companion animals and wildlife) would give us a fantastic opportunity to improve our clinical decision-making skills and teach us to adapt to a wide variety of situations and needs. As we are gifted with knowledge and training from OVC, we feel that spending time helping citizens and their animals in times of need would be the most fulfilling and necessary goal we could ever aspire to achieve.