2017 Africa and SEA 3

Team Africa and South East Asia 3
Jaden Dales, Courtney Burstein, Kristen Dienst

We are so thrilled to be traveling to Southeast Asia and Africa as part of the 2017 Global Vets Team! Our team has a particular interest in small animal, wildlife and exotic medicine. By visiting placements such as wildlife sanctuaries and small animal rescue centres, we are hoping to leave a positive lasting impact in the fields of wildlife rehabilitation and conservation, small animal population control and community education. We want our efforts to extend beyond each individual animal we treat and benefit the environment and local communities as well. We are each eager to learn as much as we can from this amazing opportunity, and are looking forward to applying and further developing our veterinary skills while promoting worldwide animal health. We greatly appreciate any support that will help make a difference in the lives of both animals and people!