2017 Central America

Team Central America
Back: Brittany Lostracco, Monika Lechowicz
Front: Amber Covello, Navleen Dhaliwal

Our team hopes to gain a deeper understanding of international veterinary medicine and gain valuable hands on experience with animals in both community and rural settings. We look forward to collaborating with veterinarians from different countries, expanding and improving upon our communication skills to achieve understanding and compliance, and developing relationships with local communities to promote population control, public health, animal care, and educational awareness. We plan to travel to Central America and visit locations in Belize, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Our team’s ideal project type is one that is centered around population control, as we are aware that overpopulation of stray animals and resulting disease outbreaks are a serious problem in underdeveloped countries. We would like to assist in spay and neuter clinics in order to help alleviate the burden on local communities. In addition, we would like to focus on public health by providing preventive and active treatments to animals in need, with the hope of reducing future zoonotic and infectious disease outbreaks. Lastly, we would like community education to be an overarching theme within our project. By educating local communities on the importance of spaying and neutering, prevention and detection of common diseases, and proper animal husbandry, we are further enforcing population control, public health and animal welfare in the long term.