2016 Central and South America 2

Top row, from left: David Dukoff, Michael Astin, Aaron Percival
Bottom row: Kathryn Hotke

Goals: To collaborate with international veterinarians and rural communities on animal healthcare initiatives. Our team is interested in learning about shelter medicine in companion animals and wildlife rehabilitation of exotic species. This is a life changing opportunity and we are excited to develop as veterinarians; gaining new skills and experiences that we would not be able to have in North America. We are thrilled to work with local communities and hope to provide education about animal welfare and care.

1. ARCAS Peten: Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association (2 Weeks) 2. Hopkins Belize Humane Society (2 Weeks) 3. Animal A.W.A.R.E Guatemala (2 Weeks)


A little bit about ourselves:

David: I grew up on a small hobby farm just outside of Kingston where my love of animals and nature was fostered by access to dense Ontario forests and wildlife in my backyard and summer work at neighbouring farms. My desire to explore and understand the biological world propelled me through my Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in biology, and ultimately led me to veterinary medicine. I love my profession and I am driven towards gaining the necessary skills to return to rural communities like where I grew up in which I can work as a small animal and exotic veterinarian. I joined the Global Vets program in order to gain experience working in South America in variety of clinical environments with a range of different people, allowing me to improve my clinical and communication skills. I am excited to contribute my skills and knowledge to helping out local communities and the pets they keep.

Aaron: Being a member of the Global Vets team has been a goal of mine since I entered OVC. As a person with interest in small animal welfare and the human animal bond, I was excited by the opportunity to help animals across the world. Volunteering has always been a huge part of my life. From working with service dogs to raising funds for animal shelters. Global Vets is a natural progression for me to grow as an individual and a veterinary professional.

Michael: I am honored and excited to be a part of the 2016 Global Vets Team! This program will allow me to utilize and further develop the skills that I have gained as a Student Veterinarian here at OVC to assist in the care and treatment of animals in Central America. This will be my first time travelling outside of North America, so in addition to my time spent volunteering, I am excited to take in some of the rich culture and scenery Central America has to offer. Our team will be working with small animals, wildlife, and exotic species under the guidance of seasoned veterinarians, to make for a once in a lifetime experience!

Kathryn: I am extremely excited to be travelling with my Global Vets team to Central America  this coming summer. It is going to be an amazing experience working with exotic animals in their native habitat. I am also excited to enter a new culture, experience new food and work with new people. I hope that through this experience I will come back enriched both individually and professionally and will have given a meaningful contribution to the people and animals I meet.