2017 India and SEA

Team India and South East Asia 
Stephanie Wong, Eastman Welsford, Max Rochman-Fowler, Thisuri Eagalle

Our team feels privileged to have the opportunity to experience veterinary medicine outside of North America. We are very excited to participate in this program that will center around collaborative veterinary medicine. The Global Vets program will enable us to provide medical care where it is most needed and share the continuously developing knowledge that we’ve gained at the Ontario Veterinary College with animal caregivers abroad.  In return, we will greatly develop our clinical skills and learn to be resourceful by learning how veterinary medicine is practiced in other parts of the world and will surely expand our understanding of veterinary medicine as a global profession. It is our goal to make a lasting impact during our placements and to address some of the most important issues facing the regions we will visit, particularly the concern for animal welfare in areas of overpopulation. We hope to facilitate strong and lasting connections between North America and international veterinary practices that will ultimately benefit both animal and human health worldwide. To achieve this, we seek as much support as possible as many areas in which we will work have insufficient resources and whose staff are overworked. It is our mission to enrich the lives of all the animals and their human caregivers that we come across during our work; we therefore ensure that donations of any kind will be put towards this positive cause and they are so greatly appreciated.