TEAM: Ovarian Cysters

Our team is very excited to be going to South East Asia representing OVC as part of the Global Vets team. We will be working with a large variety of animals as we are splitting our time between a spay and neuter clinic to help decrease the street dog population in Thailand and spending time at a wildlife conservation in Laos to help fight against wildlife trafficking. One of our major goals is to immerse ourselves in a new environment as well as see the difference in veterinary medicine in developing countries. We hope to learn new skills and techniques that we can bring back with us which will help us get creative with our treatments and be able to practice with limited resources.  Since veterinary medicine is a large component of the OneHealth medicine approach, we hope that by contributing to a community in need we will help improve both the animals wellbeing as well as having a positive effect on the people that live in those communities.

Meet Chesney

Hi everyone! My name is Chesney Baldwin and I am 1/2 of (team name) that will be traveling to Thailand and Laos this summer with Global Vets. Community outreach and international medicine are such important aspects of veterinary medicine, and ones that I have always been interested in. While in my undergrad I was able to participate in a high volume spay/neuter clinic in Nicaragua where I was able to see the difference that veterinary care made to a community. It sparked my desire to continue giving back to those in need. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to pass on the knowledge I have gained in vet school to communities in need as well as learn new skills from our colleagues around the world. I am so excited to be able to provide hands-on care to animals of all different sizes in South East Asia. 

Meet Megan

Hi! My name is Megan Acheson and I will be travelling to Laos and Thailand this summer through Global Vets. I couldn’t be more excited as global vets is a program I have aspired to participate in before I even made it into the veterinary program. One thing I love about vet medicine is that we have so many opportunities to donate our time and skills to improving animal welfare, while also connecting with communities through education and a love for animals. Global vets will let me do this internationally, give me an opportunity to learn from other professionals, and gain a greater perspective on how veterinary medicine is practiced in a different local culture.