2017 SEA 4

Team South East Asia 4
Paula Simons, Hannah Bagnall, Manali Desai

Our group will be travelling to Southeast Asia this summer where we will be volunteering with local shelters and veterinarians. We are very interested in small animal medicine as well as exotic medicine and our focus is aimed at collaborating with individuals involved in these aspects of veterinary medicine. Our goals are to assist on projects including small animal care, wildlife rehabilitation, and community education. We will be focusing our efforts in Thailand and Lao, starting at the ACRES wildlife sanctuary in Laos, where we will work to help rehabilitate their rescued animals. From there we will head to Thailand where we will be volunteering at the Koh Samui Dog and Cat Rescue. Here we are looking to help control the dog and cat populations through spay/neuter initiatives and assist with community education on topics such as animal welfare and disease spread. We will then be volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park where we will work with elephants rescued from the entertainment industry, as well as the small animals housed in shelters. We are very excited to have been given this opportunity and cannot wait to see how we can help but also how much we will learn. Feel free to follow us on our journey and thank you for your support!