TEAM: Verde

Our group goal is to aid veterinarians in their daily routine. We are so grateful for this opportunity to spend a month in South America in order to achieve our goal. We will be bringing positive attitudes and our knowledge we have obtained through the teachings at OVC. We cannot wait to gain more insight in veterinary medicine and hope that after this process we gain new lifelong friendships and skills.

Meet Juancho

Hola! My name is Juancho and I will be traveling to Central & South America this summer through the Global Vets Program at OVC. As an experienced world traveler, I am thrilled to begin this journey of traveling through Latin America performing veterinary community outreach.I was born in Bogota, Colombia, therefore I am also fluent in Spanish. Since leaving Colombia I have always wanted to return to Latin America as a veterinary student, to expand my knowledge and skills in the veterinary field. My ability to communicate with locals will allow me to get a deeper understanding of each individual culture and the way they practice veterinary medicine. I hope to bring all of the knowledge and skills that I will gain throughout my travels back and implement them to the way I practice medicine as a future veterinarian!   

Meet Emily

Hello! My name is Emily and I will be traveling to Central and South America this summer through the Global Vets Program at OVC. I am from California and interested in mixed animal veterinary medicine. Prior to OVC, I lived in Peru for 3 years and have become well rounded in speaking spanish. I think traveling to Central and South America will be helpful in broadening my skills with hands on experience and communication. I cannot wait to start my journey this summer and donate my time helping veterinarians and their patients.