TEAM: VetGeo

Hi everyone, we are team VetGeo and we will be volunteering in Central America this summer. We will be visiting two countries, the first being Guatemala where we will be working alongside local veterinary teams at AYUDA. AYUDA is a non-profit animal welfare program, dedicated to providing veterinary services for local cats and dogs in need. During our time there we will be focusing on methods of population control through sterilization clinics as well as practicing preventive medicine by means of vaccinations and public education. We are also extremely excited to travel to Panama to work with the team at Spay Panama, where we will be provided the opportunity to practice our clinical skills and to develop our working relationships with clients and colleagues. We cannot wait to experience and learn about the varying human-animal bonds in different local cultures and we are greatly looking forward to embarking on this adventure altogether!

Meet Jessica

Hi, my name is Jessica Garofalo and this summer I’ll be travelling to Central America with three of my best friends as part of team VetGeo! I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Global Vets program which is something that I have always dreamed of joining. I am passionate about shelter medicine where I have assisted in programs which focus on community outreach, preventative medicine, and low-cost sterilization. This trip will expand upon my skills in this area and provide me with a unique perspective on veterinary care abroad. I am excited to share this journey with you all! 

Meet Brittany

Hi, my name is Brittany Vandenberg and I am thrilled to be traveling to Central America with three of my friends this summer with Global Vets! I am very passionate about international veterinary medicine, and am excited by the opportunity to provide hands-on veterinary care for local animals. Through Global Vets I am excited to experience the unique local culture, and to have the opportunity to expand upon my clinical and communication skills. I hope to bring all that I have learned back home, so that I may become a more well-rounded student veterinarian!

Meet Yeelok

Hi! I’m Yeelok To and I am one of the four members of VetGeo. This summer we will be travelling as a team to Guatemala and Panama through the Global Vets program to volunteer with veterinary clinics and shelters. I am very excited to meet the local people and their beloved animals, as well as immersing in different communities’ cultures. I am an avid traveller and have a great interest in shelter animal medicine. I have worked in shelters and clinics in both Malaysia and Hong Kong and I always try to find a way to get involved in the animal community when hopping from country to country! I have been looking forward to travelling with Global Vets for several years and I am ecstatic to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime experience with my best friends. Adventure awaits!

Meet Tess

Hello, my name is Tess McAneny and I am very excited to be traveling to Panama and Guatamala through the Global Vets Program. I have a love for veterinary community outreach and look forward to incorporating it with my love for international travel! This new adventure will help me grow in my profession and give me valuable skills to use in my future career.